Quality, not quantity

Our treats are always made with love and in small batches. We value quality over quantity here at Treats by Marisol.

Welcome to Treats by Marisol Gourmet Dog Bakery! My name is Jocelyn Marisol & right beside me is Rocky, our CEO. Treats by Marisol originally started as a human bakery, but a little after we got our doodle Rocky and adopted out two cats, Cudi & Ellie, I knew my true passion was in baking for animals. Let me tell you, when I first began this wonderful journey I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but with time and a lot of patience I began to find my niche.

Treats by Marisol Gourmet Dog Bakery is focused on baking homemade gourmet dog treats and cakes that are made using 100% organic, non-toxic and human grade ingredients. Over the past two years I have done several hours of research to learn what our furry friends can and cannot eat. Believe me, I have learned so many new things I would've never known before.

Our mission is to provide your pups with the best looking and most healthiest dog treats possible.

With love, 
Marisol & Rocky